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Anonymous ASKED:
Are you a virgin? I know it's too personal, but I'm just honestly curious. By the way, you're so pretty.

Yeah I’m a Virgin, I don’t mind saying. I don’t find it to be a big thing. Like it just means that I haven’t engaged in sex yet, nothing massively important. Ask away xxxx

Eeyore was my favourite Winnie the Pooh character; I always used to feel so bad for him though😞

Anonymous ASKED:
Who are you most inspired by?

My mum. She’s my idol and my hero and my she just inspires me so much x

Anonymous ASKED:
When did you first have sex? If not when do you want it?

I haven’t had sex, and I don’t really care when I do. It’s not something I really dwell on x

Ask me anything

I will answer absolutely everything mo matter how personal or stupid or whatever. I will answer everything x

Day Thirty Two: These messages off of spiritualxpixie

Lauren has been through so much with me and she’s never once complained or turned me away. She is always there for me and I absolutely adore her every being. Hearing the words “I’m proud of you” just makes my day so much because even though I don’t believe it, it’s still so nice to just hear that. Thank you so much😘

School was probably one of the worst things for me last year, because what I did it was never good enough. I would get 24/25 and I would get told “well done! But try and get full marks next time.” Or “This is excellent! Just got to push a little bit harder to get full marks.” Now I was, am, severely affected by school in every way. I remember last year working my arse off to try and pass a rest I had, in chemistry I think, and I got a C and then I was actually called in and humiliated and got told that ‘if you’re not getting at least a C by now then you’re not working hard enough.’ I was one mark off of getting a B and yet I was treated like I might as well have failed the exam. I cried the night before that test because I was so worried about it, and then I tried to get the day off of school because I felt like I was going to have a breakdown. In my GCSE exam I come out with an A and let me tell you something if anyone had tried to tell me I could’ve tried harder I would’ve killed them that day because I gave that my absolute all. I could recite my revision book by the end of the exams. Maths is a subject I really do struggle a lot with, because I just can’t remember it. I’ve almost cried in front of my maths teacher god knows how many times, and I’ve worked my butt off revising to get fucking C’s and I just couldn’t do it anymore. I passed my exam and I got a B, and I was 6 marks off of an A. It was one of my lowest grades this year but fuck everything I was most proud of it. Yeah my results in the end were okay, but no one else knows that every night before an exam I would consider putting myself into the hospital because of how scared I was of failure, and no one saw the tears that were constantly falling down my face, and no one was there at 3:30 in the morning which is when I set my alarm on every exam day, even if I had only gotten to sleep at 2 or 3. No one but me saw that. So tell me, are exams supposed to make you want to be admitted to hospital? Is school supposed to make you feel like you’d rather die than have to watch yourself fail?

Is school supposed to make you want to die?

PS I am not hating on the teachers or school; I am so grateful for my education and everything, I’m just feeling a lot of pressure that’s all so I wanted to rant.